Tracey I. Campbell


Oil paint studies from a dream of Krakow.


Drawings and diagrams.


First seven pages of the ISAAC comic, about sixteen more to go. the layout of tumblr is the worst for reading comics, so I dunno, sorry.

Some great work/drawings by Nathaniel which I was admiring earlier today. It’s also his Birthday today.

Important drawings.


Knit Knit Knit!!!

This is the finished piece that I started in the Knitting inductions. I’m still trying to make work combining the source code (aka instructions on how to do a thing) with the final piece (aka the thing)

so here’s a knit piece of fabric with it’s “code” in(en?)corporated into it

This is excellent. I’m likely going to be doing some collaborative work along with Sarah Courtney next term.

Experiments using glue and linseed.